Product Care

Indigo Textiles

All indigo items should be washed in cold water only, separately from other items and with a mild detergent. 

Avoid rubbing indigo textiles vigorously and do not leave them soaked for too long. Hand drying in a shaded area is recommended to avoid excessive fading in direct sunlight.

Our indigo rugs are light weight and we highly recommend removing the dust and dirt by simply shaking out the rug regularly.




Vacuum your rug regularly on a low power setting to remove dust, dirt and loose threads. In case of spills blot the liquid immediately and spot clean the stain with wet cloth. If needed, handwash in cold water and let it dry naturally. For stubborn stains, use a professional cleaning company.


All our PET rugs are machine washable provided you have a machine that can take the load and using a cold and gentle wash cycle. Do not bleach or ring your rugs.





Wooden pieces should be wiped down with a dry clean cloth. Excessive use of cleaners and polishes may damage the finish of the piece.


Jute is a natural material and tends to shed fiber once in a while. Trim away the loose fibers, vacuum regularly on a low power setting and blot spills immediately with a clean and dry cloth.